Sensory Writing: How To Pull Readers Into Your Fiction

Want to write so that readers “can’t put it down”? Sensory writing is a way to drag readers right into your novels and short stories. Moreover, sensory writing is a simple strategy; so simple that many new authors overlook it. In a recent fiction writing class, all the exercises I gave students focused on sensory writing. It came as a … Read more

Plotting Fiction Essentials: A Quick Checklist

This week, we’re talking about plotting, because for many authors, plotting fiction is the hardest part of writing. This applies whether they’re writing novels, short fiction, or scripts. My theory is for that for authors who avoid plotting (pantsers), mechanical plotting is a disaster. Not only does it pull them out of a creative mind state, it may make it … Read more

Create Content For Fiction And Nonfiction: 3 Weird Ways To Get Ideas

If you need to create content regularly, whether it’s for fiction or nonfiction books; for blogging; or for your clients; you need a constant supply of ideas. And not just any ideas either, those ideas must be right for you. Ideas which are right for you will spark your creativity; they may not necessarily be “original.” Create content: should you … Read more

Editing Fiction: 3 Easy Ways To Get Started

Do you wish editing fiction could be easier? Perhaps you have a NaNoWriMo novel (or several NaNoWriMo novels) on your hard drive and can’t get inspired to start the edit. One of my students faced this situation; here’s the simple process which helped her to get started on the editing process. Editing fiction: the process needn’t take forever Over time, … Read more

Write A Novel Fast: The No-Excuses Method

An old friend and I chatted about writing fiction. Although she’s always wanted to write a novel, she worried: “What if I get bored and don’t finish it?” I suggested the “no excuses” method. The big benefit of this method is that you don’t have time to think and second-guess yourself. Several of my students have had great success with … Read more