New, Self-Publishing: Franchise Your Fiction: Create Bestsellers

Struggling with self-publishing your fiction?

Self-publishing is wonderful for authors. You don’t need literary agents, acquisitions editors, et al.

But… Many thousands of new novels are published each and every week. Each novel has a hopeful author, who’s struggling to win readers.

Stop struggling. Build a relationship with your readers, instead.

Self-publishing: build a relationship with your readers

How do you build a relationship with fiction readers?

You do it the same way you build a relationship with anyone. They meet you; they get to know you.

Readers meet you via your books. If a reader loves one of your books, he wants more of the experience you gave him.

Give fiction readers more of the experiences they enjoy: write a series.

My new new series-writing class may help.

New: How To Create A Fiction Franchise: Write And Publish A Bestselling Series

If your self-publishing plans aren’t working, consider a series.

Then… Aim to turn that series into a franchise.

Our new class, How To Create A Fiction Franchise: Write And Publish A Bestselling Series is available now.

It’s for you, if your fiction isn’t selling. (Or even if it is: you need to create your own franchises.)

From the page:

You can create a series in any number of ways. Perhaps you’ve created a character you enjoy, or readers enjoy.

Arthur Conan Doyle saw potential in Sherlock Holmes. The character first appeared in a novel, A Study in Scarlet.

… Doyle obviously liked the character, because he next wrote a series of short stories featuring Holmes and Watson …

Watch for series’ potential whenever you write a short story… If a character appeals to you, write another couple of short stories, or a novella, featuring the character. With luck, they’ll sell: you’ve created a series.

Check out the class now—there’s a wonderful special offering until June 19. Enjoy. 🙂