Commonsense Book Marketing Solutions: Fix What Isn’t Working

Recently an author asked me about book marketing and publicity. He’d planned an entire strategy, but when I checked his books at the online retailers, I noticed that vital elements were missing. Intensive publicity and advertising can only work if the book is set up well. Always start with the book, specifically its product page: check the book and its … Read more

Writing Fiction To Make Money: 3 Unusual Ideas To Try

Do you love writing fiction? Many authors write short stories and novels for pleasure; fiction is a hobby. But what if you need to make money? Several writers contacted me about this post, Writing Fiction For Profit: 4 Ways To Make Money From Your Creativity, in which I covered standard income-generating ideas. (Read the post for inspiration.) They wanted more: … Read more

Your Writing Business: 3 Powerful Ways To Conquer A Slump

Is your writing business in a slump? Slow times happen to every business, including all writing businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer, a blogger, or a self-publishing author, slumps happen. Avoid panic—you can recover. To conquer a slump, focus on your daily activities, as well as on planning. Before you know it, your business will be growing again. Why daily activities? … Read more

Freelance Writing: Start Today With 5 Powerful Strategies

Want to develop a freelance writing business? As a freelancer, everything you do works together to help you to build your brand and platform. Freelance writing: build your brand and platform There’s a lot of waffle around brands and platforms. In a nutshell: Brand: your reputation; Platform: your readership. You’ll build your brand with everything you do, so aim for … Read more

Self-Publishing: A Vital “Essentials” Checklist For Nonfiction

Are you a self-publishing author who’s publishing nonfiction? A checklist of essential elements may help. I created this checklist for my students; you may find it useful too. Vital: please test all nonfiction ideas. Testing can save you months—even years. Self-publishing: find problems and offer solutions—and TEST We all have problems we’re not sure how to tackle. Or, perhaps we … Read more