Product Creation: Avoid A Pitfall So You Can Create & Sell Faster

Interested in product creation?

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, such as a blogger, a writer, or a designer, you know your audience wants products they can buy.

They may message you, enquiring whether you have a product related to something mentioned on social media, or related to something about which you blogged. It might seem a no-brainer to create a product people want, but I know you face challenges.

Everyone does, but some challenges are self-imposed. Many creators attempt to do too much in one product—they want to cover everything.

Product creation: avoid “everything” products

For example, early this year a blogger contacted me. He was procrastinating on his how-to product for popular cloud services. After beginning the project in mid-2022, it still wasn’t ready to sell.

During those months, the services had updated their offerings and raised prices. I asked why he chose several services, instead of focusing on one? His goal was to create something of value, he said.

During our chat, I asked about one service he was covering. How much money did he estimate he could save a service user? It turned out to be a lot.

I challenged him to focus on that service, and create ONE short product, within 24 hours. Something like: 2 Quick Ways to Lower Your Payroll Costs in 30 Days with XX (the service) .

He did. It sold, at an excellent price, both for the purchasers, and for the blogger. Tip: price according to value, if you’re creating products for business (B2B).

Notice the “in 30 days” in the title? People want things which get quick results.

Focus on sharply-focused projects you can finish quickly—before your enthusiasm flags.

Product creation: focus on products you can create in a day or two

Every one of the students in our recent Create and Sell Class (I’ll run the class again later this year) made sales of the quick product they created during class.👏 That’s amazing to me, because this was their first product.

You can create quickly too.

Here’s how: when you get an idea, niche it down.

Niche ideas: sharply targeted and timely

Start with your audience: business, or consumer?

Let’s say you chose a business audience. What type of business? Perhaps it’s an online store selling beauty products, or a company selling equipment on Amazon. Choose a business you know.

Think of a challenge they have.

Alternatively, think of something you’ve learned from personal experience that would help them. You’re looking for something people in your target audience could do to achieve quick results.

Most importantly, you’re looking for a product you could create fast.

Think of items such as:

  • Checklists.
  • Templates. I’ve noticed that templates for apps like Canva and Notion sell, but you can create a template for anything, including email, and presentations. (Very popular.)
  • Tutorials. The ChatGPT and AI market is big.
  • Printables. These sell on Etsy.
  • Etc.

The Shopify blog has some useful insights.

Already working on an “everything” project?

There aren’t any rules in product creation.

Think about what you know, that people need. Then commit to creating something in 24 hours. You could even create a quick project based on your larger project. Have fun. 🙂

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