Fiction Writing Tips: 3 Beginners’ Blunders You Can Fix Today

Looking for fiction writing tips? Occasionally, when we look at our current fiction project, we know that there’s something wrong, but what? Let’s look at three beginners’ fiction blunders, and the writing tips to fix each of them. By the way: established authors make these blunders too. It’s easy to make a blunder when you’re caught up in writing. Writing … Read more

Writing Fiction For Profit: 4 Ways To Make Money From Your Creativity

Are you writing fiction? Many freelance writers write novels and short fiction as a side hustle, with varying degrees of success. Ghostwriting may be the easiest way make an income from your fiction as a side hustle—you simply write. Someone else publishes and markets the material. I’ve ghostwritten both fiction and nonfiction for many years, originally for traditional publishers, simply … Read more

Writing Fiction: 3 Ingenious Ways To Conquer “The Wall”

You’re writing fiction. Unfortunately, your inspiration is flagging. Then it dies. Professional novelists know that after period of inspired writing, at around 10,000 words, they’ll hit “the wall.” The wall is the point at which you think your novel is a complete disaster. Not only do you hate it, you stop caring. More than anything, you want to nuke the … Read more

Writing Fiction: 5 Quick Tips To Power Up Your Fiction With Emotion

What do you think about when you’re writing fiction? You may well think lots of things, but to write successful fiction, focus on feelings: both on emotion, and on your senses. Thinking (logic) comes later. Here’s an excellent strategy for writing fiction, from Techniques of the Selling Writer, by Dwight V. Swain: “Where should you start, then? With feeling. Your … Read more