Write Fiction: 3 Ways To Write From Your Life

I’ve received some questions from readers who want to write fiction. When they try however, they find that they’re writing from their life. Is fictionalizing your experiences allowed? Of course it is. Most first novels are semi-autobiographical. Think of it this way. When you write fiction, you’re tapping into your emotions. Memory’s tied to emotion, so your own “stuff” will … Read more

New Author? 4 Vital Storytelling Tips To Increase Sales

If you’re a new author, there’s a lot to learn about writing fiction—and you never stop learning. Something to keep in mind. When you write fiction, you’re writing a story. Here’s a brilliant explanation of “story” from Lisa Cron’s excellent book, Wired For Story: A story is how what happens affects someone who is trying to achieve what turns out … Read more

Writing Fiction: How To Incorporate Brilliant New Ideas

Ideas are seductive, especially when you’re writing fiction. They can be dangerous too, during your first draft. If you revise while writing your first draft you might get into such a tangle that you never complete your novel. A couple of weeks back, an author asked: “is it essential to write my first draft straight through? I’ve got a couple … Read more

Writing Fiction: 4 Tips To Help You To Begin Your Novel

Thinking about writing fiction? I’ve had questions from freelance writers who want to spend their sudden free time writing a novel. One writer, a former freelance writing student, said she’s tried writing fiction during NaNoWriMo, but hasn’t published a novel yet. She wants some help. “How do I write a good novel? What’s the secret?” She asked. Writing fiction: start … Read more