What’s Content Creation? Make Content Work For You

“What’s content creation?” is a popular question, because content is hot. Content not only makes money if you sell it (books, movies), content creation has become an essential marketing strategy for companies and organizations large and small. Content can be anything from a tiny tweet, to a huge blockbuster novel or movie. In defining content, Google includes these definitions: The … Read more

Markdown: Clever Tools To Write And Publish Anywhere

Do you use Markdown? If you want to write and publish anywhere, Markdown makes it easy. Inspiration can strike when you’re out and about, or sitting on your sofa watching a DVD. Although you can jot down a few words in the Notes app on your phone, this material is throwaway text. If you want to publish it, you’ll need … Read more

Create Content For Fiction And Nonfiction: 3 Weird Ways To Get Ideas

If you need to create content regularly, whether it’s for fiction or nonfiction books; for blogging; or for your clients; you need a constant supply of ideas. And not just any ideas either, those ideas must be right for you. Ideas which are right for you will spark your creativity; they may not necessarily be “original.” Create content: should you … Read more

Content Marketing: Here Comes The Holiday Sales Season

Are you ready for holiday sales? It’s now time to prepare your content marketing strategy and plans for this year’s sales season. Perhaps you’re thinking: no way. It’s only July. I’ve got months to get ready… Uh no. The holiday sales season gets underway by late September, early October—so give yourself eight weeks to complete your content marketing preparations. Within … Read more