Blogging Income: Create A Product And Sell It In 24 Hours

You’ve got a blog, but where’s your blogging income?

Back in 2017, I ran a Team Up group, mentoring writers who want to make money blogging.

They were shocked when I pushed them to create a blogging income immediately, before they’d created content.

One student, who was new to the training, already had a blog. Sort of. He’d been “developing” his blog for four months; the blog wasn’t yet live. He highlighted a problem many bloggers face: when do they start the blog monetization process?

The answer? Immediately.

Blogging income: make money immediately

Many bloggers create a blog without a clear idea of how they’ll make money from their blog. They want to start making a blogging income after their blog is “established.”

It’s a chicken and egg conundrum. What comes first? The blog, or the monetization? I suggest that the monetization MUST come first. If it doesn’t, it often won’t happen at all.

Get an idea, create a blog, and develop a blogging income

Several of the writers in that blogging Team Up group had tried blogging, but they got hung up on the blog’s niche.

We decided that the niche didn’t matter, the monetization did. So they chose a monetization method that they could implement immediately: they’d create something.

If their creation sold, great. If not, they’d try again with a new product. (Everyone sold. For some it took a week or two.)

3 steps to selling on your blog in 24 hours

If you want a blogging income, follow these three steps to sell on your blog in 24 hours:
1. Create something people want;
2. Set up your landing page, payment page, and thank you/ delivery page;
3. Promote your offering.

Let’s look at the steps in a little more detail.

1. Create something people want

Products which the writers in Team Up created included:

  • A blogging service (grin — blogging was obviously top-of-mind with them);
  • A template package (these were templates that the writer had developed and was using; he thought that others might find the templates useful too);
  • A package of articles;
  • A website editing service.

The product or service you create is almost immaterial.

It needs to be something that you think people might want, and which is related in some way to your blog. Most of the Team Up group wanted to sell services via their blog.

2. Set up your landing page, payment page, and thank you/ delivery page

Product created? Wonderful.

Next, you need to create a landing page, plus a payment and delivery page.

Your “landing page” is your sales page. It’s where you describe your product. A landing page can be short or longer; it depends on what you’re selling, and whether you need to provide a lot of information to answer questions your audience might have.

You can set up a landing page on any blogging service. It’s just a blog page, rather than a post.

How will customers pay you, and how will you thank them and deliver the product? It’s easiest to do this if you’re using a service like Squarespace, which has commerce options.

However, it’s just as easy to set up payment button in PayPal, and then deliver the product via email. If you choose the PayPal option, explain on your landing page that you’ll be in touch as soon as possible to deliver their product.

3. Promote your offer

All done? Now it’s time to promote your offering. You can promote in any way you choose:

  • By posting on your blog;
  • With posts on social media;
  • With a mailing to your mailing list…

If you’re just starting out, you may not have an audience. That’s OK; it will just take you a little longer to make your first sale, until you build up your reach. Create social media accounts, and use them. If you’re a member of a relevant Facebook group, or online forum, mention your product there, but avoid spamming.

Facebook can be helpful if you have minimal reach. Set up a Facebook page for your blog, and then set up some Facebook ads to promote your product.

Try buying ads on others’ blogs. Choose established, but smaller blogs. Advertising is expensive on top tier blogs.

The biggest benefit of selling fast… You have a route to a blogging income

As soon as each member of the group made a sale, their confidence went up. Not everyone made a sale quickly. For several, it took a week or two, but they eventually all made that vital first sale.

The moral of this story: if you want a blogging income, focus on it. Your blog is a tool. Use it.

And have fun. 🙂

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