Sell Your Writing Today: 8 Fun And Savvy Copywriting Tips To Help

Want to sell your writing? Today, it’s essential that you put a little effort into promoting your writing, even if you hate self-promotion. (More on that in a moment.) As a freelance writer, you’re competing with writers from all over the world. If you’re a self-publishing author, millions of books compete for attention on Amazon and elsewhere. Copywriting (promotional writing) … Read more

Market Your Book NOW: 8 Tips To Win Readers Before Your Book’s Done

You’ve written the final page, so now it’s time to market your book. All marketing helps, but you’ve left it a little late. You’ve missed many opportunities to build your readership and make sales, even before you’ve finished writing. Marketing while writing builds a virtuous circle, and positive feedback loop. Your potential readers become interested in your book, and their … Read more

Social Media: 4 Quick Tips For Hashtags

Love or hate social media, hashtags are important; they increase your content’s discoverability. From a social media trainee: “I hate hashtags. Do I have to use them?” No, you don’t have to use them, if you’re creating content for your followers; they’ll see your content anyway. However, using hashtags can extend your reach. Searching via hashtags helps you to discover … Read more

Content Marketing: 11 Steps To Develop Valuable Business Content Now

Today, it seems as if every business—tiny, small and large—is using content marketing. There’s an enormous amount of content flowing online every day. So, you may wonder whether you’re adding to the noise by creating your own content. Fear not. You can make content marketing work for your business. Start by reversing your thinking. The easy way to make content … Read more

Marketing Your Writing Is Simple If You Avoid A Dangerous Pitfall

Do you struggle with marketing your writing? What if I told you that avoiding ONE dangerous pitfall could help you to succeed with your next book, blog, or freelance writing service? Marketing your writing: the pitfall you can avoid Here’s the pitfall: marketing without a concept. A “concept” is combo of an idea and a plan, and it’s always short; … Read more