Self-Publishing Goals: 4 Tips for The Merriest Time Of The Year

If you’re self-publishing, remember that the holidays are coming, and that they’re the big-spending times of the year.

Some authors have already published Christmas-themed short stories, or have factored them into their publishing schedule. Others are developing planners and goal-setting templates, ready for the end of the year and January sales.

Have you created goals for the next few months? If you haven’t, now’s the time to plan and create.

Do you have self-publishing goals for the holidays?

This post looks at holiday-themed ideas:

…self-help books do well over the holidays, as well as books on DIY home improvement. If you’ve got special expertise, share it—you never know what will sell.

If you haven’t even begun to consider the immense opportunities in holiday sales, these tips may help.

1. Set achievable goals now: keep them short and simple

If you’re a solo self-publisher who hires editors and other assistance as required, keep your holiday ideas short and easy. Everyone’s busy. You’ll be busy, too. Leave yourself time for all the excitements of the season.

Rather than considering new works, check out your backlist. Could you bundle up some works? On Amazon, more authors are discovering the value of collections, not only their own, but in partnership with others.

Speaking of your backlist…

2. Consider your backlist: get promotional ideas from ecommerce sites

Shopify offers excellent holiday-planning tips:

“Create a dedicated page for merchandising deals, and promote it for ‘Black Friday’ on PPC. If you’re lucky, CPCs will be cheaper and competitors will just be running generic brand ads.”

This is an excellent idea. If you have a large backlist—a dozen or more books—considering adding one or two to KDP Select.

If you haven’t already done so, think about selling your books from your website.

3. Choose one holiday on which you’ll promote

As we’ve suggested, avoid becoming overwhelmed. If you want to create new holiday-themed books and other materials for sale, you’ll need time for creation as well as promotions.

So, choose one holiday: perhaps Christmas, New Year, or even St Valentine’s Day, rather than trying to create for each upcoming holiday.

A tip: book your editor and graphic designer early—your favorites may already be booked solid.

4. Add the holidays and your planned promotions to your calendar

Once you’ve added them, be ready to change them as needed. If you require more time than you estimated, consider that you can sell holiday-themed materials at any time of the year—and you’ll have an early start on the 2024 holiday season.

Most importantly, have FUN with it. 🤗

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Enjoy. 🙂

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