New, Short Stories: The 3-Step Formula (Short Fiction in 60 Minutes)

If you’re a fiction author, you know that short stories sell. They’re useful as promotional tools, and if you’re beginning, they’re a fun way to learn storytelling skills.

Recently, a coaching student told me that one of her little ebooks outsells everything else she’s written. “It’s become the foundation of my self-publishing business,” she said. “This story introduces my readers to my work. I don’t understand why this one story resonates with readers so much, I’m just grateful that it does.”

I know that many authors hesitate to try new strategies, so we’ve created a program to help.

New, The 3-Step Formula: write fast and well

Write once, sell forever—stories sell for decades, even centuries in some cases. In days gone by, short fiction appeared in newspapers and magazines. Today, authors self-publish.

Why another program on writing and selling shorties? One reason: short fiction is powerful.

I’m constantly investigating how to make writing and selling easier. So when I happened upon this formula, I tried it out on my students—even the nonfiction writers. Of course, I used it myself too.

Although the formula’s simple, it encapsulates everything that makes for a satisfying read. Even if you’re convinced that you have no time to write, try it; you can write on your phone.

The formula is easy to remember. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll craft a satisfying story. Why not write several next weekend?

The 3-Step Formula: Easy and Profitable Short Fiction in 60 Minutes is available now.

If you have questions, contact me.

Unsure whether short fiction will boost the success of your self-publishing business? A consultation could help.

The 3-Step Formula (Short Fiction in 60 Minutes)Fast, fun and easy: a new strategy for self-publishing authors

Explore our latest program. If you’re a new fiction author, you can kick off your career fast.

On the other hand, if you’re established, you’ll love The 3-Step Formula: Easy and Profitable Short Fiction in 60 Minutes because it’s so easy. One author took a few snips from his current Work in Progress to create a story and used it to promote his pre-order.

Enjoy. 🙂