Increase Your Writing Income Painlessly: Be Yourself, Get Creative

Do you wish you could increase your writing income?

Here’s a big tip: be yourself.

Please stop rolling your eyes, this isn’t a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Being yourself means that you enjoy your writing. When you enjoy it, not only will you be more creative, you’ll be more productive too.

“Be yourself” applies:

  • If you’re a freelance writer. Think about your dream client, and the kinds of gigs they would hire you to write.
  • It also applies to bloggers. Think enjoyment first, and profitability second. (More on blogging for money shortly.)
  • What if you’re a self-publishing author? You’ve got it made; write in a genre you enjoy, or about a category of products you love. (I love fountain pens, for example. One of these days I’ll write about them.)

You’ll boost your writing income when you enjoy writing

Over the years, I’ve taken on projects just for the money. It never worked out well. Not only did the projects take too long, they spoiled my days. I dreaded the writing, so I procrastinated, not only on the horrid projects, but on everything else as well.

Several years ago, I mentored a blogger. They hated their blog, but it was profitable. When I suggested a new blog on what they enjoyed, they refused to consider it. Why would they? Their blog was a money-maker.

Finally, I asked the blogger what their primary goal might be. A trip around the world, they said, for the entire family. It was within reach. They’d sell their home and would get jobs to help pay their way.

“OK,” I said. “Why don’t you blog about that—your preparations for the trip, and finally the trip itself?”

Unfortunately, when they were ready to launch the new blog, shutdowns got in the way. They kept the travel blog on the backburner, however. Just a couple of weeks ago, I got a message from them. They were back on track, making preparations for next year. A new blog, and a new on-the-road lifestyle.

Creativity counts: you’ll be more creative when you’re YOU

As it turns out, that new on-the-road lifestyle was much revamped from the original project. Not only do they now have a couple of deep-pocket sponsors to fund their journey, the project has grown.

How can you use your creativity to write what you love?

Start by developing an “I can fix this for you” mindset.

Think “I can fix this for you” and develop that mindset

Here’s an excerpt from the Weird, Wonderful (And Easy) Ways To Increase Your Writing Income Today program.

Some ideas from writing students, when they developed the “I can fix this for you” mindset:

  • At a family lunch, a writer spotted a cousin with a Jane Austen keyring. He found the name of the manufacturer, and was soon writing for them. Not only did he create a complete website for them, he compiled a product catalogue too;
  • A writer found a niche writing online résumés, after listening to the complaints of a job-hunting friend;
  • When he winced at the real estate agent’s fees for selling his house, a writer decided then and there that he’d develop a range of services for home owners who want to sell their house privately. He shoved leaflets into letter boxes for a couple of weeks. First, he had one client, then three and four. Word of mouth kicked in, and now he provides a full range of “for sale by owner” services.

These writers increased their writing income by writing what they enjoyed. They stepped away from everyday gigs. They used their creativity.

Your writing income is up to you

Stop concerning yourself with standard writing gigs. Be yourself. Listen to your intuition. When you get an idea, act on it.

I know you can do it, so get started today. Be yourself. 🤗

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