Write Your Way: 3 Rules Of Successful Writing

How confident are you? You need the confidence to write your way; there are no rules as such. Only what works for you today. Why not think about how you write, and the “rules” (beliefs, strategies, processes) that matter to you? To get you started, here are my rules. Write your way: rules that work for me They’re simple: Write. … Read more

Why Fix Procrastination? It May Enhance Your Creativity

Do you wish you could fix procrastination for good? Me too—and an app may help. But before we get to discussing apps, consider this. Maybe you’re too hard on yourself. For creative workers, procrastination—and even laziness—may have hidden benefits. Perhaps you should allow yourself to procrastinate sometimes; it may well enhance your creativity. Should you try to fix procrastination for … Read more

Make Writing Easy: Leverage Your Brain’s Default Mode Network

Is writing hard for you? If you want to make writing easy, you need to stop struggling. Seriously. Your brain will happily help you to write, because it naturally uses its Default Mode Network (DMN) whenever it can. You can leverage the DMN to make writing easy. So, what’s the brain’s Default Mode Network? Basically, it’s what your brain does … Read more