New, Short Stories: The 3-Step Formula (Short Fiction in 60 Minutes)

If you’re a fiction author, you know that short stories sell. They’re useful as promotional tools, and if you’re beginning, they’re a fun way to learn storytelling skills. Recently, a coaching student told me that one of her little ebooks outsells everything else she’s written. “It’s become the foundation of my self-publishing business,” she said. “This story introduces my readers … Read more

Self-Publishing: 4 Tips To Grow Your Business Today

A new reader asked for ways to build her self-publishing business quickly. She’s going on maternity leave and wants to develop an alternative to returning to her day job. She said: “I’ve published four books so far. A friend suggested I could focus my writing business and make it viable, but how? Any tips?” The greatest challenge in any business … Read more

Got Questions About Writing And Publishing Short Stories? 5 Answers

When a novelist’s struggling, I suggest writing a couple of short stories. They clear your mind. You’ll often return to a current project with a fresh perspective. You can publish stories quickly. A story may give you the boost of confidence you need. They can ignite your self-publishing program too, especially if you’re writing in different genres—it can be hard … Read more