Self-Publishing Sales: A Weird Trick To Sell More Novels

Self-Publishing Sales: A Weird Trick To Sell More Novels

You’re a self-publishing author. Want to make more sales? Of course you do. This weird trick (I wouldn’t call it a strategy) will boost your sales, almost painlessly. It doesn’t cost anything except maybe ten minutes of your time every few days. I discovered the trick when I was working with students in one of my fiction plotting classes. As … Read more

Writing Process: 4 Simple Strategies For Panic-Free Writing

Here we are in a brand new year. A question: is your writing process effective—and stress-free? If you’re stressed and panic regularly, chances are your process needs a little fine-tuning. Several days into the new year, a writing student called me in a panic. She queried a website last October, with an idea she thought might work for them. Their … Read more

Make Writing Easy: Leverage Your Brain’s Default Mode Network

Is writing hard for you? If you want to make writing easy, you need to stop struggling. Seriously. Your brain will happily help you to write, because it naturally uses its Default Mode Network (DMN) whenever it can. You can leverage the DMN to make writing easy. So, what’s the brain’s Default Mode Network? Basically, it’s what your brain does … Read more