How To Outline Your Writing: 3 Easy Tricks You Need Today

Wish you knew how to outline your writing? Whenever I use the word “outline” to my students, I know a couple of people in the group will sigh and look as if they wish they were somewhere else. Anywhere else. To eliminate the panic, I suggest to my students that they substitute the word “map” for “outline.” A map: Orients … Read more

Profitable Writing Tips: On Medium This Week

If you’re looking for writing tips, Medium is a great place to find them. Back in December, I wrote about a three-month experiment: writing on Medium. December?! What was I thinking? Predictably, I got busy, then even busier, and my experiment sorta, kinda… died. I felt guilty because I like Medium. Moreover, I think the site has good potential for … Read more

Writing Process: Self-Publishing Success NOW Step By Step

Is your writing process working for you? Authors tend to equate success with sales, but a lot goes into high book sales: Writing! Bestselling authors all have a writing process which enables them to be productive; Marketing. Although marketing today is easier than it’s ever been, marketing is still an enormous challenge for authors; Strategy. In summary, you need a … Read more

Build Your Blog: 6 Powerful Ways Grow A Successful Blog

If you’ve got a blog and wish that your blog could be more successful, it’s time to build your blog. Over the past few weeks, while I’ve been setting up this new version of the blog, I’ve received lots of questions. Many of the questions had a subtext of how long does it take? “It” could be anything — make … Read more