Achieve Your Goals: 3 Tips To Use Writing To Get What You Want

Words are powerful; use them to achieve your goals. In this article, we’ll look at three tips to use writing to get what you want: Define your goal—make it clear to yourself; Ask questions, firstly of yourself, then of others; Communicate until you get what you want. Writing is powerful. When Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote his play Cardinal Richelieu in 1839, … Read more

Writing Process: 5 Savvy Ways To Conquer Your Resistance To Writing

Every writer needs a writing process to conquer resistance to writing. Resistance happens, no matter how many deadlines you have or how much you usually enjoy writing. On some days, you’d rather do anything than write. To avoid writing, you spend an hour decluttering your bedroom closets, or mowing the lawn. Unfortunately, resistance is not only common, it can also … Read more

Make Money Blogging: Write, And Get Paid, But Avoid The Pitfalls

Want to make money blogging? You can. Around the world, hundreds of thousands of bloggers do it. That said, there are pitfalls. Back when I started blogging, in the late 1990s (long, long ago, in internet terms) “blogging” was considered nerdy and weird by anyone who’d heard of it. Few had: dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster made “blog” their term of the … Read more

Writing Process: 4 Simple Strategies For Panic-Free Writing

Here we are in a brand new year. A question: is your writing process effective—and stress-free? If you’re stressed and panic regularly, chances are your process needs a little fine-tuning. Several days into the new year, a writing student called me in a panic. She queried a website last October, with an idea she thought might work for them. Their … Read more

Why Fix Procrastination? It May Enhance Your Creativity

Do you wish you could fix procrastination for good? Me too—and an app may help. But before we get to discussing apps, consider this. Maybe you’re too hard on yourself. For creative workers, procrastination—and even laziness—may have hidden benefits. Perhaps you should allow yourself to procrastinate sometimes; it may well enhance your creativity. Should you try to fix procrastination for … Read more