Content Ideas: 4 Ways To Create Content Your Readers Will Love

Are you looking for fresh content ideas? If you create content, you know that content creation takes time, thought, and energy.

Sometimes the well runs dry. When that happens, go back to basics: to your readers, or viewers, if you’re developing videos.

Think about your readers, and their problems. Additionally, think about your own needs.

Need content ideas? Make a list of challenges readers face

When you create content, you’re writing for an audience. As we all do, members of your audience have problems. Can you describe four of their biggest challenges?

For example, on this blog, I often create content for freelance writers, who have many challenges, including:

  • Under-employment: finding clients;
  • Marketing: getting in front of prospects;
  • Developing their business, so that they attract top-tier clients;
  • Improving their writing, and making writing easier.

Make your list. Then, consider yourself, or your client if you’re blogging for a client. Be aware of your own challenges, and why you’re writing.

How will creating content benefit you? You may be creating content to promote a product, or a service, that you offer. Perhaps you’re promoting a product for which you’re an affiliate. Ensure that everything you create includes a CTA (call to action): something you want readers to do.

Now let’s look at some content ideas your readers will love.

1. Time: no matter the niche, readers want more time

Everyone wants more time. Few of us have the time to do all we need to do, let alone what we’d like to do. No matter your audience, think about ways you can help readers to save time.

If you’re making money from your blog, look at companies which target your niche. They create products and services which they want to promote to your audience. Chances are, they offer time-saving products.

Try the products. If the company has an affiliate program, join, if you think the program will be useful for readers.

2. Inspiration: readers need inspiration and motivation

“Why?” Always ask why, both for your audience, and yourself.

Often, your audience needs inspiration. Currently the creator economy is huge. Dozens of companies offer products and services for creators. Many have affiliate programs.

Whatever your niche, think of ways you can provide inspiration and motivation, with reviews, tutorials, and guides.

From The Creator Economy: Making Dollars and Sense Out of Social Partnerships:

If potential customers are coming in primed on how to use your product and the benefits of doing so, they’re more likely to be satisfied. Plus, who can resist the fun of learning something new?

3. Entertain: readers want stories

This can be the biggest challenge. Although it’s easy to think of stories from your own life, you need to make those stories inspiring for readers.

Get to know your audience. Join groups and forums for your niche. If you’re blogging for a client, do the same. Get to know his audience—find the client’s successes. What’s their story?

4. Money: help your audience to make and save money

When I wrote for magazines, a mass market editor told me: “send me diet and money ideas. Everyone wants to be healthier, fitter, and richer.”

What’s popular right now? Review current fashions and trends in fitness and in finance for content ideas.

Type “fitness ideas” or “money ideas” into your favorite news aggregator. You’re sure to find fresh content inspiration.

Fresh content ideas are everywhere: tailor them for your niche

To summarize:

  • Start with a list of challenges your readers face;
  • If you find a product which might help them, create reviews and guides;
  • Be alert for new trends affecting your audience.

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