Trello Tips For Stressed Writers And Authors

Feeling stressed? Let’s look at some Trello tips to help you to manage your writing business. You may not be using Trello to its fullest potential; it’s a simple app, but powerful. Trello can be free, depending on how you use it and it’s one of my favorite business apps. It decreases stress by helping you to feel in control—you … Read more

Work From Home: 5 Steps For Relaxed Productivity

We’re living in uncertain times. Have you been asked to work from home? Perhaps you’re a writer who’s already working from home, but it’s become extremely challenging: your children may be at home with you, for example. A former student, Mandy, sent me a message: “I’m working from home—or trying to. My parents have come to stay, my kids are … Read more

Writing Process: Is Daily Writing Essential?

Easy-Write Process: Write The EASY Way, Like a Professional Writer

I get lots of questions about developing a writing process. Specifically, do you have to write every day? Usually I respond with something like—it’s easier when you do. Many people have been credited with this quote, from Franz Liszt who said it in 1894, onwards: “If I miss one day’s practice, I notice it. If I miss two days’ practice, … Read more