Writing Process: Is Daily Writing Essential?

Easy-Write Process: Write The EASY Way, Like a Professional Writer

I get lots of questions about developing a writing process. Specifically, do you have to write every day? Usually I respond with something like—it’s easier when you do. Many people have been credited with this quote, from Franz Liszt who said it in 1894, onwards: “If I miss one day’s practice, I notice it. If I miss two days’ practice, … Read more

Get Motivated And Organized: 5 Trello Tricks For Your Business

Do you wish you could be more organized and productive? If you’re feeling stressed and disorganized, Trello can help. By the way — the app is free for basic use, and it’s a wonderful tool for writers. Think of it as an electronic bulletin board, or whiteboard. (Disclosure: I have no connection to the developers; I simply enjoy the program.) … Read more

Journaling Is For Everyone: 3 Tips To Create More And Sell More

Want to write more and sell more of your writing? Try journaling. Sadly, when I suggest journaling to some writers, they tell me that they don’t have time. “Journaling? I don’t have time to journal…” Somerset Maugham is one of my favorite authors. He kept writing journals all his life. (If you get a chance, read his book, A Writer’s … Read more