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Join the LinkedIn Revolution: Ignite Your Business and Make Sales in 7 Days

Ready for Success? Transform Your Creative Business in Just 7 Days, Using the Power Of  LinkedIn

Get Known, and Get Business. 

Do you own a creative business? Perhaps, like me, you’re a writer. You may be a creator, blogger, or self-publishing author. 

In the current economic climate, many people are struggling.

Are you struggling to find profitable clients, promote your work, and make sales?

If sales are slow, and your stable of clients is shrinking, rather than growing, you can spend hours each week hunting writing gigs. A self-publishing author can spend thousands of dollars on advertising, with minimal profits.

A freelance writer contacted me to ask: “What am I doing WRONG?”

As far as I could see, she was doing everything right. However, today, there are more writers, more bloggers, and more people publishing books.

Marketing is a challenge. Freelance writers and other creatives can join freelance marketplaces and make them work. Time is an issue. Getting known is an issue too. You’re making proposals to people who don’t know you, or your work.

What if there was a social media network for professionals?

There is. It’s called LinkedIn.

I ignored LinkedIn for years, even though I’ve been on the platform since around 2007. Recently I started hearing colleagues and my writing students enthuse about LinkedIn, and what it had done for their business. 

LinkedIn helped them to find new clients, market, and make sales. 

Should you be using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional network. You can use it to showcase your services and products to buyers who not only want and need what you offer but are happy to pay the fees you ask. LinkedIn members have twice the buying power of the average online audience.

You can showcase your offerings, build connections, attract top-tier clients, and sell, to 800 million members around the world.

This social media network can transform your business

Several of my freelance writing students told me they’d found eager clients ready and willing to pay $150 an hour. 

A friend reported she landed an $89,000-a-year content management job locally, working four days a week.

A colleague makes $11,800 a month working remotely for clients in the US and Europe.

Want to learn more?

I went back to LinkedIn and explored. It’s changed immensely since the last time I paid attention, and I want to share what I learned with you.

Introducing: “Join the LinkedIn Revolution: Ignite Your Business and Make Sales in 7 Days”

Buy Now: Join the LinkedIn Revolution: Ignite Your Business and Make Sales in 7 Days

You’ll discover why LinkedIn is important today. 

You can use it to:

  • Build your personal brand, by posting articles and other content to share your expertise. 
  • Find your next job, jump on a freelance opportunity, or create a side hustle. 
  • Network. With companies slashing staff worldwide, your connections on LinkedIn act as a safety net, even if you’re not job-hunting right now. 
  • Build your personal network to become a thought leader and influencer. 
  • Increase your income.

Here’s what you’ll achieve with “Join the LinkedIn Revolution: Ignite Your Business and Make Sales in 7 Days”

1. Personal branding: you’ll create a fresh and compelling LinkedIn profile to help you stand out from the competition. (The free AI app ChatGPT will help you to do it FAST.)

2. You’ll use targeted networking to get known, and connect with people so that you can build a network of valuable contacts who can become clients and buyers.

3. Content mastery. You’ll quickly create engaging content for LinkedIn, to help you to make new connections in your chosen niche and industry.

4. You will develop an understanding of the LinkedIn algorithm so you can maximize your reach and engagement.

5. You’ll develop LinkedIn skills. You’ll learn proven techniques to turn connections into paying clients and/ or buyers, to help you to build a thriving business. 

Over time, you’ll make connections that will help you to scale your business, and you’ll hire people to help you to grow.

The big advantage? You can do all this for free. All it takes is a little time each day.

What you receive in the “Join the LinkedIn Revolution: Ignite Your Business and Make Sales in 7 Days” package

🌟 The powerful, but practical guide: “Get Started On LinkedIn In Just 7 Days: Achieve Your Goals and Boost Your Business.”

PDF, 73 pages.

Read the guide first. Then follow the 7-day program to identify and serve an audience that needs you. Get gigs, or make sales fast. (Or do both.)

🌟 A companion guide, “LinkedIn: Use AI Magic To Boost Your Business And Sales In Minutes A Day”.

PDF, 30 pages.

Are you familiar with the generative AI tool ChatGPT?

This guide shows you how to use OpenAI’s free ChatGPT app, so you can achieve the results you want on LinkedIn. (You can apply what you learn elsewhere, too.) 

Ready? Buy now.

Why coaching? Because we’re all different, with different levels of knowledge and skills. My aim is always to help YOU to get the most from anything I create: your success is more important to me than anything else.

What beta testers say about “Join the LinkedIn Revolution: Ignite Your Business and Make Sales in 7 Days”

“Never used LinkedIn before… Had to replace spouse’s income, fast. Made connections with colleagues from former jobs. Got remote work within a couple of weeks! Thanks to Angela and Julia for help when I had queries.”

E.S. (USA)

“Didn’t know what to expect. Followed the program, and found a new job (remote)… Making a better salary too…”

D.G. (UK)

“Angela encouraged me to post on LinkedIn regularly… Reposted older content from my blog… Increased traffic, sold products, and made affiliate sales. LinkedIn is now a source of traffic and income.”

J.W. (Australia)

Harness the power of LinkedIn and elevate your career and business today 

Get started today.

Buy now.

Buy Now: Join the LinkedIn Revolution: Ignite Your Business and Make Sales in 7 Days