New Writing Guide Helps Authors To Write Novels Readers Love

With millions of books on the Kindle Store, authors must make sales or suffer penalties from Amazon’s algorithm. A simple fact: small sales lead to invisibility.

Angela Booth began her writing career as a novelist. She says: “The publishing world has never been kind to authors. Before self-publishing, authors needed to find a literary agent and publisher. Publishers handled distribution. With today’s self-publishing environment, it’s easy for authors to publish. Making sales is a different story; there’s immense competition for attention.”

While wondering how she could help her fiction writing students, she realized that their novels lacked an essential element: suspense.

Angela is also a copywriter. She says: “Copywriters learn to arouse suspense and write evocatively, so that readers or viewers are drawn into an advertisement via their emotions. Fiction authors do the same thing.”

On her blog, Angela has written posts about using suspense in fiction. However, blog readers had many questions, so she decided to write Sell More Books Today: The Simple Secret To Successful Fiction, which focuses on adding suspense elements to novels.

Bestselling authors use simple tricks to make their novels suspenseful, she says, and maintains that any author can learn now to use the same tricks. These tricks include elements like open loops, a psychological tactic which works because humans are hard-wired to demand closure.

Sell More Books Today: The Simple Secret To Successful Fiction is available now.

About Angela Booth

Veteran copywriter and author Angela Booth offers writing guides and writing classes for aspiring and established authors. She hopes to help them to improve their craft and make sales.

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