New Service: Executive Bios And LinkedIn Profiles to Get Results

In today’s competitive job market, it’s essential to be visible and found by recruiters with a compelling executive bio and LinkedIn profile. Although tools exist to help, using them efficiently is challenging.

Copywriter Angela Booth coaches professionals to create their personal brand. She says: “Teaching professionals to differentiate themselves and stand out is a marketing exercise. It takes time to learn this process, however, so I’ve created a new done-for-you service.”

Establishing a powerful personal brand and a polished online presence begins with materials that introduce an applicant: a compelling executive bio and an optimized LinkedIn profile.

Crafting those materials can be daunting.

One of Angela’s clients said: “It’s hard to remember your successes so that you can create effective bios and profiles. A couple of years ago, Angela’s coaching gave me confidence. She helped me to develop several bios I’ve used in different areas. When I became a motivational speaker, I immediately asked her to create my professional materials.”

Professionals may struggle to effectively convey their unique value proposition and career accomplishments, settling for materials that don’t portray them accurately. Although LinkedIn is an amazing tool and essential for professionals’ branding today, it can be a challenge to get the most from the network.

Angela’s new executive bio and profile service creates client profiles that rank higher in searches on LinkedIn.

“Your career deserves to be represented in the best light possible,” Angela said. “We believe that our service can help our clients to stand out and attract new opportunities.”

Learn more about the service here—you’ll find a how-to guide to create your own executive bio.

Alternatively, Angela can help with coaching or her new done-for-you service. If you’re not certain about what you need, contact Angela. She’s happy to help.

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