Ghostwriter Angela Booth Brings Autobiographies, Memoirs, and Nonfiction to Life

For anyone who’s struggling to write a book, a professional ghostwriter is an invaluable guide and assistant.

Professional ghostwriter Angela Booth helps her clients to turn their life stories and expertise into books, such as autobiographies, memoirs, and nonfiction.

She ensures that her clients’ stories are written in their own voice, just as if they’d written the books themselves. The client’s name will appear as the book’s author, and the client owns the complete worldwide copyright.

Autobiographies and memoirs, and more

“Autobiographies and memoirs are the most popular types of books I ghostwrite. They’re true stories that appeal to readers,” Angela said.

Beyond autobiographies and memoirs, Angela is also a partner to authors of other forms of nonfiction. She’s collaborated with experts including company founders and influencers, helping them to share their stories and insights.

Ghostwriter offers publishing and marketing services too

If required, she guides her authors through the publication process as well. That might be via traditional publishing, or self-publishing, in ebook and print forms.

As a long-term professional ghostwriter, Angela knows the techniques which will make her clients’ books appealing to their target audience.

Often, a client hasn’t considered his audience, so Angela integrates book marketing into the ghostwriting process if required. By the time the book is ready to launch, the client has pre-orders and advance sales.

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About Angela Booth

Professional copywriter, ghostwriter, and author Angela Booth has a passion for helping writers and aspiring authors. She helps them via coaching programs and offers complete ghostwriting services.