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A book ghostwriter helps you to write your book

Do people tell you: “You should write a book…”?

Chances are, you’ve spent years thinking about it. Maybe you’ve tried it.

But writing a book takes time. Not only time for the writing but also time to corral all the information you need before you start.

Even if you write for a living, as I do, a book is a large project. Moreover, it takes skill. You need to determine your book’s focus, writing style, and much more.

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Your first step is easy. It’s a decision. What type of book do you want to write?

What type of book? An autobiography or memoir? Or…?

What type of book? An autobiography or memoir? Or…?

Autobiographies and memoirs are far and away the most popular types of books I write as a ghostwriter. They’re true stories. A book ghostwriter will write your autobiography or memoir as you would write it. Your name is shown as the book’s author.

For reference, an autobiography is your life story.

A memoir, on the other hand, tells the story of an aspect of your life. Perhaps you’ve survived a traumatic experience or a life-changing experience of some kind.

Beyond autobiographies and memoirs, perhaps you’re considering writing another form of nonfiction.

You may be:

  • An expert in an area, and want to write a book sharing your expertise. Perhaps you’re a cook and want to share recipes. Or a historian, and want to write the history of someone famous.
  • A thought leader, and want to share your insights. A book is an asset; it can help to grow your business.
  • A CEO. You started a company. It’s time to share not only the history of your company but also your own story. Perhaps you want to create a legacy?

Of course, you also need to decide where and how you’ll publish your book. Your book ghostwriter can make suggestions, and give assistance with publishing as well as writing.

Will you go the traditional publishing route? Or will you self-publish?

How will your book be published? Choose traditional publishing or self-publishing

Here’s the traditional publishing process:

  1. Choose a publisher which publishes the type of book you’re writing.
  2. Create a book proposal: three chapters of your book, as well as an outline of the rest.
  3. Get a literary agent. Today, few publishing houses accept submissions from authors. They prefer to deal with agents. So getting an agent is essential.

As you might imagine, going the traditional route takes time.

Alternatively, you might choose to self-publish.

The self-publishing process is much simpler:

  1. Write your book, targeting specific readers.
  2. Choose and hire a reputable POD (print-on-demand) publisher. This can be a challenging process. Ideally, your chosen publisher will manage all aspects of the publishing process for you. They will publish your book in digital format, as well as in print. (The publisher will hire a designer for your cover and other illustrations.) In addition, your POD publisher will distribute your book.

Not sure how you want to publish?

Whether you know exactly what you want, or aren’t sure, get in touch—fill in the form below, and we’ll chat. If you wish, I can help with the publishing process, as well as the writing.

A book ghostwriter helps you to write YOUR book, your way

A lot goes into writing and publishing books. I’ve had books published by major publishers, and have written and published my own books for years. So, the process is intimately familiar to me.

Fill in the form, and we’ll chat. All our interactions are private and confidential, from our first chat onward. No one will ever know you hired a ghostwriter.

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