Email Marketing Still Makes Sense for Time-Strapped Small Businesses

Christmas is on the horizon, so small businesses are developing their marketing plans. However, with delivery hassles, they wonder whether sending out emails still makes sense.

Copywriter Angela Booth thinks EDMs (electronic direct mailings) do work today, just as they always have, but companies need to experiment.

For anyone targeting today’s TikTok generation for example, shorter is better, especially for broadcast emails. A client told Angela: “we’re sending out more messages, but they’re shorter than anything we sent out a year ago.”

The client reports that their campaign timelines are shorter too. Rather than extending one campaign over a couple of months, they’re generating shorter campaigns, targeting customer groups, and specific platforms.

When Angela asked her ecommerce clients what had changed in their use of EDMs this year, several said they were sending out more emails. However, there was a common theme: avoid “one day sale” types of emails. Customers receive too many of those, and won’t open them.

Email marketing marketing tips

Other ideas from Angela’s clients:

  • User-generated content works: “customers want news, quick ideas on product users, and information on outcomes”;
  • Get to the point and avoid too many links. When read on a phone, links make it appear the message will take too much time.

Angela shares email marketing quick tips here.

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