What’s Content Creation? Make Content Work For You

“What’s content creation?” is a popular question, because content is hot.

Content not only makes money if you sell it (books, movies), content creation has become an essential marketing strategy for companies and organizations large and small.

Content can be anything from a tiny tweet, to a huge blockbuster novel or movie. In defining content, Google includes these definitions:

  • The material dealt with in a speech, literary work, etc. as distinct from its form or style.

Viz: “the tone, if not the content, of his book is familiar”

  • Information made available by a website or other electronic medium.

Viz: “online content providers”

You can create content in any format which appeals to you; it can help you to achieve your goals. Moreover, it can be easy and fun to create, rather than stressful.

Content creation: make it work for you

You can create content. Chances are you’re creating content already. If you’ve ever written a Facebook ad, or a tweet, or posted on a forum, or blogged, you’ve created content.

When I’m chatting with a writer or a client about content, another common question is: “But what can I create? Blogging takes so much time.”

People tend to have preconceived ideas about content. It’s more than blogging, or posting images on Instagram. Whether you’re hired to create content, or need to create content for your business, choose content formats which you know you can create without stress and hassle.

Fast and easy content: content formats YOU can create

Need a quick overview of content formats? Check out Search Engine Journal’s excellent post, 100 Types of Content: The Definitive Guide for Marketers:

Content is power.

It comes in countless forms, and each of those forms can be pivoted into countless permutations.

As the title suggests, the post gives you a huge collection of content formats to explore. If you’re just starting out with content creation, choose formats which appeal to you, and experiment.

In my blogs, I tend to stick with articles for content creation. However, I also write and publish ebooks and develop online classes because I enjoy creating content in these formats. For my social media marketing clients, I create social media content for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, et al.

Content of many different types is in huge demand.

Since I receive so many questions about content creation, in 2022 we’ll look at content creation from the point of view of content creators as well as content creation for marketing.

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