Yes, You’re Creative: How To Unlock Your Imagination And Build The Writing Career Of Your Dreams

Yes, You’re Creative: How To Unlock Your Imagination And Build The Writing Career Of Your Dreams

Want to become more creative?

Creativity is essential for writers.

In this book release your creativity to unlock your imagination and build the writing career of your dreams.

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About the Book

Creativity is essential for writers

New writer? This book will help you to avoid the missteps all writers experience when they’re starting out. You’ll build skills and habits which will ensure that you become the writer you were meant to be.

Established writer? Unleash your skills: become a true original. Who knows, perhaps you’ll write the next book which stays on the bestseller lists for years.

You ARE creative: we’ll discover how to unlock your creativity

Of course, you’re already creative, whether you believe that you are or not. You can also develop and hone those creative strategies to help you not only in your writing, but also in your daily life.

I firmly believe that not only can we develop our own creative strategies any time we need them — and it’s essential that we do. Today our world changes fast. We never know what the day will bring. Developing a creativity habit can build your confidence that no matter what happens, you can handle it.

Unlock your imagination and become more creative today.

Genre: Writing process
Tags: professional writing, writing process, writing skills
Publisher: Angela Booth
Publication Year: 2017
eBook Price: 5.99
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