The Executive Bio: A Vital Brand And Reputation Management Tool

What’s an executive bio? Most commonly thought of as an accompaniment to a résumé, an executive bio is much more.

Today, every manager, boss, and entrepreneur needs to consciously craft and maintain their personal brand. The popularity of social media means that otherwise an individual’s public perception can veer sharply from reality.

Copywriter Angela Booth specializes in crafting executive bios and profiles. She considers that an executive bio is not only useful for introductions, it’s also an essential branding tool, and is vital for reputation management.

Angela believes that although an executive bio often accompanies a résumé, its uses extend far beyond job hunting. She says: “a version of it can be used on a company’s About page, as well as on social media profiles. Today, it’s a first step in building credibility, authority, and reputation.”

For anyone who is unsure of how they’re perceived publicly, she suggests that they explore their own history, using search engines, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Whatever is found, reputation management tools and an executive bio can enhance what’s useful, and correct misperceptions.

Most executive bios are short, no longer than a single printed page, slanted towards a specific audience. Once it’s developed, Angela suggests developing it further, or cutting it down to highlights, depending on how a version will be used.

A longer version might be used on a personal blog, while a succinct version can be used on a company’s People page.

Many people find it challenging to write about themselves and their accomplishments, so Angela published a guide: “How to write your executive bio, profile, or About Me page” to help:

Unlike a résumé, an executive bio is written to entertain, as well as inform. Although it’s written in the third person (you refer to yourself as “Jill Smith”, rather than “I”) an executive bio is written conversationally: it sounds like your voice.

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About Angela Booth

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