Content: Conquer Competition And Make Sales With Content Marketing

Want to increase sales? Develop a content strategy.

Advice to Conquer Competition And Make Sales With Content Marketing

The world changed over the past 18 months. Not only has competition increased, companies have to do more with less. Today, more companies than ever rely on online sales and bookings.

Angela said: “the holiday sales season starts within weeks. A few simple changes in a website can make all the difference to sales. Businesses and marketers need to put themselves into a customer’s shoes.”

In a recent blog post, Angela offered practical tips to help companies with ecommerce:

  • Understand how search engines work;
  • Create content that sells (keywords won’t make sales);
  • Use Amazon as a model to help with content marketing and SEO;
  • Look at product pages from a customer’s point of view.

Angela says she’s helping her clients now to strategize and plan, so that they make the most of every dollar spent on advertising.

“Most companies are on board with content marketing,” she said. “Unfortunately few are happy with their strategy. Now’s the time to review content marketing and SEO so that they work with increased advertising to boost sales”.

While no magic bullets or instant fixes exist, Angela believes a little knowledge goes a long way to increase sales and profits.

Learn more. Angela’s article: “Content Marketing, SEO And Websites: 4 Practical Tips To Make Sales” is available now.

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