Content Marketing Strategy For Holiday Sales: Tips From A Copywriter

With fewer than eight weeks before sales begin, businesses should prepare now, Angela Booth suggests.

Angela has been advising clients to design a holiday content creation and marketing strategy. In a recent blog post, Content Marketing: Here Comes The Holiday Sales Season, she offered a three-step process: strategize; plan content; and begin executing.

Developing a strategy begins with assessing a business’s goals, then creating plans for developing content to help achieve those goals.

“Reviewing previous years’ sales successes helps,” Angela said. “Of course it’s also essential to take trends into consideration. Customers love sales, so in addition to preparing for sales periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a business can develop—and promote—its own sales to tempt customers.”

She believes that businesses relying on ecommerce need to assess and update their product sales pages. “Adding customer reviews, additional images, and FAQ pages helps,” she believes. “With customers deal-shopping on their phones, it’s vital to provide all the information needed to make a sale.”

For businesses relying heavily on online sales, she suggests they spotlight their customer database. “Customers respond to exclusive deals,” she says. “I’m suggesting to clients that in the current business environment, using email and messaging makes sense and cuts costs.”

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