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Angela Booth Offers New Book Marketing and Publicity Services For Authors

Angela Booth offers public relations (PR) services to support self-publishers as well as traditionally-published authors.Book Marketing: Publicity Services For Authors


In today’s publishing environment, with millions of books available on Amazon’s Kindle store, as well as at other online retailers, it’s an immense challenge for authors to be noticed.

Books are published only to vanish, with few if any sales. A new author’s publishing venture, which began with confidence and high hopes, is crushed.

Publicity helps authors to become visible. It can be the first step in launching a new book. Angela believes it’s essential today.

Book publicity a vital step in marketing, and essential to sell books today

Angela says: “No author can survive today without support. Bestsellers hire marketers. They also create street teams to promote books via word of mouth. New authors don’t have the funds to do this.”

In a recent book marketing blog post she offered four tips to help authors gain visibility for their books:

  • Write at least one news release;
  • Make friends with bloggers and influencers;
  • Post to social media; and
  • Use Amazon’s Kindle pre-order service.

One new author stated that her first news release, although it wasn’t picked up by traditional media outlets, offers on-going benefits. “That release is the most-visited page on my website. I expected the traffic to slow down, but after six months it’s increased. I’m pleased, because site visitors click through to my book product page, so my press release triggers sales.”

Press releases offer evergreen content, Angela reports

Large companies invest in brand journalism and newsrooms on their websites, Angela says. “Similarly, my clients who post publicity to their own website find that these pages get consistent traffic. That’s not surprising. Readers want information about the authors they enjoy.”

Experience shows that such evergreen content offers search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, leading to a site’s improved rankings in search engines.

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Book marketing: get free publicity to sell more books

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