Copywriting Subscription

New: save time and grow your business with subscription-based copywriting and ghostwriting.

Here’s what a subscription offers: effective promotions, fewer hassles, and more sales. 

Easy marketing solution: a copywriting subscription

Hello. I’m Angela Booth, a highly experienced copywriter, ghostwriter, and author.

Companies need copywriting and content marketing services because they need to sell.

But… Hiring copywriters and ghostwriters can be a time-sink and hassle.

Agencies? Great, but expensive, and time-consuming.

Freelancers? Ditto. And a bit of a grab bag.

Ever wished you had a copywriting genie?

Here you go: I created my new copywriting and ghostwriting subscription-based service just for you. Whether you’re a large company, a small business, or an individual, you’ll receive up to 15,000 expertly-crafted words a month.

What do you need?

It might be:

  • Sales pages. Yippee. My favorite. Quick results: you make sales. And more sales.
  • Copywriting and content for a product launch. It’s a busy time, and you need lots of words for information and persuasion.
  • Web pages: expert copy and content for a complete website, or any pages you’d like.
  • Email marketing: stay in touch with your customers; make more sales.
  • SEO content. Say goodbye to endless keyword research: receive engaging short-form and long-form content faster than you imagine. (Sell more.)
  • Content marketing: build your brand and make sales.
  • Social media content; get visible. Attract new customers and make offers to your current customers.
  • Need a book that makes you proud? Easy. Your autobiography, nonfiction book, or novel is in expert hands. I’ve published and ghostwritten more books than I care to think about.

Whatever you need, create a request on your board and consider it done.

Why a subscription?

A subscription benefits you—and me.

Experienced copywriters are expensive. You’re looking at six figures annually to hire one.

A subscription is like having an in-house copywriter, ghostwriter, and content strategist, without all the business expenses and hassle.

Subscription clients benefit me, too. I enjoy writing. Hustling for clients, not so much. Not to brag, but I’m fast and good and adore waking up to a list of projects to complete and clients to make happy.

How it works: one 15-minute call and that’s it

Imagine. No more wasted time creating briefs. No more discussions and delays.

Book a call. During the call, I’ll complete an overall brief so I understand your needs. I’ll do all the brand, customer, competitor, keyword, and other research that’s necessary to complete your requests.

Next: sign up for a subscription. You’ll receive a link to your board.

Add your requests to the board.

I’ll write and deliver your first request: within 48 hours on business days for short material. Then I work on the next. Add additional requests at any time.

Need revisions? Easy; included.

No more requests for the moment? No worries. Pause your subscription, or cancel. When you pause, I bank your unused days and words.

What about design? Again, easy. Graphic design and web development work is outside your subscription, so I’ll brief a designer or developer. Agree on the fee and your project is delivered, fast.

What clients say…

“Angela partners professionalism with creativity. As a trusted member of our team, she surprised and pleased our clients.” (A design agency.)

“… her forward-thinking approach has continually delivered results for my business.” (A ghostwriting client.)

How do you know I can write for you?

Ask. Over the years, I’ve gained experience in many industries.

Explore this website and blog. Again, not to brag, but every word is mine; all the books are mine. I write a lot. Every day.

Next steps…

1. Tell me what you need

Get in touch; tell me what you need.

I’ll send you a questionnaire. Fill it in, and we’ll chat.

Next step: I’ll create a proposal, with clear details of deliverables and timelines.

If you’re happy with the proposal, you’ll start your subscription; just click the “subscribe” link below.

2. Subscribe

Stripe manages your subscription. You receive 15,000 words of copywriting and ghostwriting each month. Request a project and it’s done.

Subscribe now: USD $1997 per month.