Ghostwriter’s Six-Figure Goldmine: Nonfiction

Discover the ghostwriter’s goldmine, the big hidden market for your words.

Discover the hidden market for your writing

How much are you earning from your writing? Here’s the average freelance writer’s salary in the US, by state.

What if you could have an excellent income, with much less hassle?

You can, starting today, when you write for others, as a ghostwriter.

At one time, ghostwriters focused on books because the demand was large and ongoing—it still is, of course. Celebrities want to “write a book”; many other people do too. Since these people don’t have the experience or the time to write a book, they hire a ghostwriter.

However, today, our media culture is hungry for words, so now ghostwriters write an immense range of material, going way beyond books… They write everything from tweets and Instagram captions to articles in mass-market magazines and blog posts. They script podcasts and YouTube videos.

Furthermore, they do this in secret: someone else puts their name to the ghostwriter’s words.

For hardworking writers with a family and a mortgage, this isn’t a concern—they’re grateful that someone wants their words.

Could you become a ghostwriter?

You can if you can write to order.

More on that shortly; allow me to share how I became a ghostwriter. I stumbled into it, as I did into copywriting.

My story: how I stumbled into ghostwriting

At the time, I wrote business books commissioned by the publisher Prentice Hall. A couple of editors asked me to write chapters in upcoming books. My contributions weren’t acknowledged. The payment was great, so it was more than fine by me.

Eventually, I went from chapters to ghostwriting entire books, both nonfiction and fiction.

Over the years, I’ve tried to give up ghostwriting, but once you become known as a ghostwriter, people pass your name around to others. They’re happy to pay whatever fees you choose to charge.

How much are ghostwriters paid?

Experienced ghostwriters are busy, they have more clients than they can handle. Depending on the writer, they may be booked anywhere from six months to a year ahead. The more experience you have, the more value you represent to the client.

On the other hand, everyone starts somewhere, so you can make a great living, even as a new ghostwriter.

Most ghostwriters charge by the project. They base their fees on the time the project will take, as well as how much they could earn from other sources during that time.

Writing a book of 80,000 words (320 print pages, estimating 250 words per page), is likely to take you three to six months. How much could you earn from other sources during that time?

A new ghostwriter might charge $24,000 for 80,000 words, based on earnings of $50,000 per year.

On the other hand, an experienced ghostwriter might charge $75,000 for a three-month project, based on earnings of $300,000 per year.

Could you become a ghostwriter?

One question: can you write to order?

If you can, and you’re amenable to having others place their name on your words, you may have a wonderful career as a ghostwriter open to you.

If ghostwriting interests you, our new nonfiction ghostwriting program can help.

Introducing: The Ghostwriter’s Six-Figure Goldmine: Your 7-Day Strategy For Nonfiction

In this program, we look at developing a successful and highly-paid nonfiction ghostwriting career—fast.

I hope you’ll come to love ghostwriting as much as I do. You can work anywhere and set your hours.

Want to become a full-time ghostwriter?

Take advantage of the demand for ghostwriters. Start a new career today.

The program is for:

  • New writers. If you’re looking for dollars, rather than fame, you’ll find clients who won’t mind your inexperience.
  • Established writers. Some of your current clients will be charmed to have you write their words for them.

Your nonfiction ghostwriting package includes…

  • The Ghostwriter’s Six-Figure Goldmine: Your 7-Day Strategy For Nonfiction: PDF: 78 pages. A comprehensive guide for everything you need to set up your ghostwriting business: practical advice you can use right away.
  • Strategy: the 7-Day Action Plan. PDF: 17 pages. Using the main guide as a reference, this is a step-by-step and day-by-day guide to establishing your business.
  • A special bonus. Get Started On LinkedIn In Just 7 Days: Achieve Your Goals and Boost Your Business: PDF, 73 pages. More on that guide here.
  • Vital coaching. I’m determined that you’ll make a success of the program and your skills, so a full hour of coaching (a $450 value) helps you to build the ghostwriting business you want, whether you’re a new or experienced writer.

Comments about this program

“When my son was just a month old, I didn’t want to go back to my day job. Angela suggested ghostwriting, and two clients quickly found me. If you need to make a good income from your writing, you’ll love ghostwriting.” Jen T. USA.

“I hate the freelance marketplaces, so ghostwriting seemed a great solution. Angela and Julia gave me amazing help. Next year, we’re taking a family vacation to Tahiti. I can’t thank you enough.” J.M. UK.

“My writing was strictly a hobby until Angela recommended I use my experience to ghostwrite a book… I loved it. If you enjoy writing, you’ll love this program because it can change your life.” P.M. NZ

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