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Today, there are endless opportunities to build your writing business.

Are you a full-time:

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  • Entrepreneur?

Perhaps you run your writing business as a side hustle.

Whatever kind of writing you do, you have many opportunities.

Your writing business: endless opportunities

There have never been as many opportunities as there are today to build a successful, full-time, lucrative business, working from home, with a team or solo.

So, to support your efforts, going forward you’ll see more information here to help you to build your business.

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Savvy Self-Publishing Author: Multiplicity Wins

In this report, you’ll discover how to use bundles to build your self-publishing business.

Bundling your ebooks together, and selling them as a single ebook, is an easy way to sell more, without writing more—and win fans and a slew of new readers in the process.

Few authors take advantage of bundling regularly. This means that not only are we leaving money on the table, we’re not growing our platform as much as we could.

Bundling pays: some authors specialize in bundles

Several of my fiction-writing students write short fiction: short stories and novellas (short novels.) They write shorter material because it sells, and because they can bundle their ebooks together, as well as selling each story as a single volume.

They’re gaining visibility for their books and are selling more.

One of my self-publishing students writes nonfiction only and writes very short ebooks of fewer than 4,000 words. He compiles and sells a bundle as soon as he has four books on a topic.

I have a couple of students who do “round up” bundles. They solicit older novels and short stories from authors in their genre, and publish the bundle. All the authors contributing to the bundle gain new visibility, as well as a little income too.

How you use bundling is up to you.

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