Your Blogging Side Hustle: 3 Ideas To Make Money For The Holidays

Now that I’m kickstarting a brand new version of this site and talking about blogging, several writers asked me about developing a blogging side hustle.

If you’re considering this too, the first step is to ask yourself whether you’re blogging as:

Are you a publisher or a ghostwriter?

Over the past 20 years I’ve developed hundreds (literally) of blogs. It used to be simple: choose a topic and monetization options (affiliate products or advertising), then start the blog on a free platform to check for traction. Traffic and income? If yes, develop a WordPress site, if no, forget the idea.

Today, we’ve got a huge glut of content. This means that you need a great idea for a blog as well as ways to build an audience fast. You also need stuff to sell. Preferably an affiliate product which is new and “hot” — something which 10,000 affiliates aren’t already promoting.

Yes, you can still create a blog AND earn money for the holidays with a blogging side hustle. However, create a PLAN first. Yes, I know, I’m always nattering about planning — that’s because it’s important. Holiday sales are ramping up this month. (October.)

What about ghostwriting as a blogging side hustle?

If developing a blog and selling stuff sounds too complicated, consider ghostwriting.

I suggest:

  • Tap your existing client base. They’re ramping up for Christmas sales. Some will welcome having a writer on whom they can call. And yes, even if you’re ghostwriting fiction, your clients need promotional content, so ask.
  • Do the rounds of local companies. Look for companies which not only have a website, but which have at least 20 employees. Smaller companies can’t afford you — you’re aiming for at least $150 per post, more if you have a track record.

Let’s look at blogging side hustle ideas to make money for the holidays.

1. Ghostwriting as a blogging side hustle: offer customer interviews

A couple of my blog mentoring students use this side hustle and charge their clients $150 per hour.


  • Call customers suggested by the business to line up an interview (on the phone is fine);
  • Conduct the interviews;
  • Source images (you can charge extra if you’re taking photos);
  • Write the blog post;
  • Promote the post on social media.

This particular side hustle can be a literal goldmine.

I highly recommend that you get your own blogging clients. However, you can also scout the freelance marketplaces. One of my students had success with Contena.

2. Publishing as a blogging side hustle: create your own affiliate deals

When you promote affiliate products, you’re promoting on commission. Why not generate your own affiliate deals with companies?

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact a company with whom you’d like to work — a company which offers high-ticket items;
  • Negotiate a deal. Usually your commission is a percentage of the sale price;
  • Work out how you’ll know when one of your leads results in a sale. The company will set this up for you — the easiest way involves you offering blog readers a discount when a customer mentions your blog to the company;
  • Write blog posts on your blog promoting their stuff.

Local companies are best for creating your own affiliate deal. As mentioned, choose a company which sells high-ticket items.

My students have had luck with:

  • Car and boat sales;
  • Farm machinery sales;
  • Exercise equipment sales;
  • Greenhouse sales;
  • Companies which offer home renovations and extensions.

One of my students did so well with creating her own affiliate deals that she’s now blogging full-time. She’s making much more than she made at her day job.

3. Publishing when you already have traffic: sponsored posts

Got a blog and some traffic? Brilliant. You may have tried sponsored posts in the past and been paid a tiny amount like $50 or so. Avoid these itty bitty amounts. You’re looking for companies which will pay you $500 to $1,000 per post.

If you’re thinking: “Yes, but Angela, no one will pay ME that much because…”

Here’s what I tell my students: “If you have traffic, you can capitalize on it, as long as you’re likely to be able to send some of that traffic — even if it’s only ten leads a month — to the business.”

Consider that advertising via Google or Facebook is very expensive for keywords. Many companies lose money on their advertising — way more than $1,000 a month. When they pay you for a sponsored post, that content keeps selling for them as long as you keep the post online.

I suggest that you charge companies per year for your sponsored content. Instagram influencers may only leave their sponsored content online for a week.

Need money for the holidays? Blog, for others and for yourself

A great blogging side hustle will create Christmas cash, so start blogging today

Start today. Get busy and have fun.

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