Writing Ideas: Develop A Profitable Ebook Income, Starting Today

Looking for writing ideas to help increase your income? Consider developing nonfiction ebooks. Not only can you write and sell them, you can write them for others as a ghostwriter.

Recently, a new freelance writer was dismissive when I mentioned ebooks. He said there was no point in writing them, because: “Everything’s on the web, so no one’s paying for information today.”

Yes, there’s loads of information online, but much of it is retreaded info, created to generate clicks, or for promotion. Some is even created by computers: witness the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in content marketing.

With so much junk content around, you can easily find writing ideas for profitable ebooks, all you need is a little research and creativity.

Writing ideas for profitable ebooks: develop a list of potential ideas

Want an ebook idea?

Here you go:

  • Make a list of what you want to know, or things you’d like to learn more about. Do it now. Make the list as a long as you can.
  • Next, message friends and clients. Ask them what they want to know. Add their topics to your list.
  • Visit your favorite online group or forum, and ask those good folk what they need.
  • Enjoy Pinterest? It’s a great resource for ideas.

You should have a list of topics.

Add to it. Ask everyone you know, even your hairdresser. Welcome all input, and please, DO NOT censor your list unduly. You’ll get the occasional wit who’ll want to know more about some totally unsuitable topics. Ignore that.

Choose a topic for your ebook. If you can’t decide on one topic, choose several potential ebook topics.

Next, investigate Amazon’s Kindle Store to assess the potential of your writing ideas.

Investigate Amazon, the big ebook marketplace

Investigate Amazon. What’s been written about your favorite topics? Can you find a slant that no one else has used? In other words, what’s missing from the published ebooks?

You should now have an idea for an ebook you can write. If not, go back to your big list.

Ideas for ebooks and customers for your ideas are everywhere. You may be ignoring a goldmine.

Ebooks for custom markets can be a goldmine

If you’re a freelance writer, you know that B2B (business to business) companies have many needs; they have money to spend too.

For example: a friend’s selling a 50-page ebook to her clients, for $699 a copy. The ebook’s a tutorial for a SAAS (software as a service) app for medical businesses.

Another friend writes about financial services. She’s created a white paper on finding investors for startups in this area; the white paper sells for four figures.

Information sells: writing ideas are everywhere

Yes, the amount of information online can be overwhelming. Like the new freelancer, you may feel that everything’s on the web

Start now to create your list of ideas. You may discover an idea with real potential in five minutes, or five hours, but you’ll find at least one writing idea you love.

Good luck. ☘️

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