Writing Business Ideas: 4 Suggestions You Can Use Today

Are you worried that artificial intelligence (AI) apps could destroy your writing business? Over the past few months, I’ve had questions about how to make your business AI-proof.

Firstly, let’s look at artificial intelligence for what it is. For many businesses, AI apps save time and energy—and that includes writing businesses. I’m all for saving time.

However, I’ve found that AI doesn’t save me time.

I had a ChatGPT Plus subscription for a while, but it was a waste. I had to keep reminding myself to use it. It turns out that I’m a lot faster and happier at writing from scratch than I am at thinking up AI prompts and editing the results.

Besides, I have concerns about generative AI and copyright. Twitter’s concerned about AI scraping; Business Insider reports on two authors who are suing OpenAI.

A suggestion: when it comes to your writing business, start with YOU. If you’re concerned that AI can damage your business, turn that around. Look for opportunities to build your business.

Look for opportunities to build your writing business

I’ve suggested many times on this blog and elsewhere that you become an ideas person so that you can create your own writing jobs.

Business is people. As a professional writer, you’re a communicator. If you’re writing for companies, you’re helping them. Look at fresh ways to help: get imaginative.

Start with your current business. What’s generating your income? What additional opportunities might be out there? Remember the 80-20 rule: do more of what works.

If you’re a freelance writer, assess your clients. Similarly, if you’re a self-publishing author, assess your books. Be brutal if a book is a dud. Write something new.

What if you’re a new writer? You may think it’s a bad time to create your own writing business, but please be aware that MANY opportunities exist.

Let’s look at some writing business suggestions to jumpstart your ideas.

1. An AI editorial agency (if you enjoy editing)

If you enjoy AI and editing, why not set up an AI editorial agency? I’ve seen several ads for AI editors; I can’t imagine that this trend will vanish anytime soon.

2. Genealogy research: help people who are researching their ancestors

With so many people interested in genealogy, you can develop a good business helping people with their research. Already a ghostwriter? Offering genealogy research might help you to attract new clients.

3. Get creative with books, cards, calendars, T-shirts and similar items

Although there are plenty of “personalized” greeting card companies, there’s a niche for you. Think beyond holiday and birthday cards. Consider print-on-demand T-shirts, cushions, and blankets.

Also consider Print on Demand (POD) books, of course. The low-content books trend is still going strong. I’m a stationery nerd and a happy member of online groups devoted to exploring paper planners and fountain pens; there’s an enthusiastic market for journals and diaries, as well as pens and inks.

4. Explore high-potential niches: they’re out there

Blogging? You can still turn a blog into a business. All it takes is a hot idea.

I’m a big fan of the Exploding Topics site. Their free weekly newsletter is packed with niche ideas. A recent newsletter points out that searches for “Mouth Tape”:

… have increased by 265% over the last two years… Mouth tape is part of the SleepTok meta trend…

Who knew?

Think beyond writing for your business

We’re writers, so we look at everything through that lens. Widen your perspective. Look at what’s selling and who’s buying. Endless opportunities exist.

Experiment. It’s a big world, with many opportunities meant for you.

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