Write More, More Easily: An Easy Strategy To Try Today

What could you achieve if you chose to write more? I’m fond of saying that you can overcome any writing challenge by writing more.

You might:

  • Get more writing commissions, if you contacted your freelance clients regularly;
  • Sell more books, if you’re a self-publishing author;
  • Develop a lucrative side hustle based on writing, if you’d like to become a full-time writer eventually.

Recently I polled students of my “Write More” class to ask them whether the class had made a difference.

When you write more, you receive more opportunities

If you find any form of writing a challenge, this class is for you.

Here’s the first question I asked in the poll: how has your enhanced productivity made a difference?

Most of the responses boiled down to one thing: they received—or discovered—more opportunities. Their lives changed in ways they could never have predicted.

A couple of the students were offered full-time marketing positions, for example. Several found new and better jobs. The freelancers built up their client list—and their waiting list. The authors published more.

Several students commented on the five-minutes, twice a day strategy they discovered in class, and use daily, because it works. They write more, and they’re more creative.

Why not try it? It’s simple.

A simple strategy: five-minutes of writing, twice a day

That’s it. That’s the entire strategy. Write for five minutes, twice daily. You can write anywhere—in a paper journal, in computer files, or on your phone.

This particular strategy isn’t mine; sadly I can’t remember who deserves the credit. You can:

I use the strategy to get organized and kickstart my writing on various projects.

Twice a day, morning and afternoon, I open a thick A5 paper notebook to a blank double page spread. I write for five minutes on the righthand page; then use the left side page to scribble short notes and reminders.

Try the five-minute strategy.

Happy writing. 🙂

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