Write Fiction And Publish It, In 8 Hours

Do you wish you could write fiction? Currently I’m working with a group of authors to write and publish fiction in eight hours.

One of the authors, who’s been working on a novel for a couple of years, decided that she wanted to work on her novel during the class. The group’s focus is on completing a project in eight hours however, so I suggested that she try something new—“write a short story, or begin a serial.”

Could you write fiction (and publish it) in eight hours?

My goal for the fiction class is to help the group develop new habits and finish what they start. Try this process if finishing a project is a challenge for you.

Here’s the process:

  • Hour 1: get your idea
  • Hours 2 to 6: create!
  • Hour 7: edit your creation.
  • Hour 8: publish.

If you wish, you can go through the process in a day. Alternatively, you can take several days.

A tip: I recommend you write your project (hours two to six) in one day.

If you split the writing over a couple of days, chances are you’ll procrastinate. Do it in a single day, so that you maintain your inspiration.

Tips to help you to write fiction in eight hours

Let’s look at some tips which may help. (Although I’ve numbered these tips, they’re in no particular order.)

1. Zero expectations: write

Lower your expectations. What you write is what you write.

Get it written. You’ll have something you can publish, even if you decide it needs more than eight hours.

2. Your idea: a character with a problem

For your initial idea, start with a character who has a problem. The character can’t ignore the problem, nor can it be resolved with a conversation.

The stronger your problem, the stronger the suspense.

3. Genre? Surprise yourself

Allow your story to emerge. If you’ve always written mysteries and find yourself writing a fantasy, that’s fine.

4. Take the time limits seriously so that you can tap into your creativity

Our creative self tends to be shy and lazy. Push yourself a little so that your creative self comes out of hiding. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in a few hours.

5. When it’s time to write, write

See the first tip, zero expectations.

Write first, edit later.

When you write fiction, it morphs

Be aware that all fiction morphs while you’re writing. Usually you’ll try to rein this in. However, with this eight-hour process, be open to inspiration.

Most importantly, have fun. 🙂

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