Where Did The Site Go? We’re All-New, Welcome

Ah blogging… If you’ve been wondering where the old site went, I decided it was time for a completely fresh start. After a couple of decades, thousands of blog posts, and many incarnations, I had a new vision for the site.

Blogging: a new direction

To go forward with that new vision, I realized that the old site needed a website audit and updates for many, many blog posts. The horror; it would take months! That time could be better spent. Much better to start anew.

So, welcome to a brand new site. A WordPress website. I’ll put building the site to good teaching use, because I know that my coaching students feel unnecessarily intimidated when it comes to creating a website with WordPress. Today, if you can use MS Word, you can use WordPress. We’ll look at site building for business and individuals to demystify the process.

The thought of creating a blog/ website, even if it has many benefits, can feel intimidating. I’m often asked, is blogging worth the time and energy?

Blogging: it is worth it?

I’ve been blogging for over 20 years, so obviously I think the answer is YES. Your mileage may vary. Today, when there are so many freebie platforms around — free blogging platforms, as well as social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium et al, do you even need your own website?

Yes, you do, if you’re running your own small business and want to make money. Advertising on Google, Facebook and Amazon is expensive. When you start out on the advertising networks, you can expect to lose money — many businesses keep on losing money until they collapse.

Over the past few months, many self-publishing authors have told me that they’re giving up. They can’t afford to advertise, and their books aren’t selling without promotion. I’ve heard the same from clients who have micro businesses — advertising costs are killing them.

What to expect from the new site

The mixture much as before. We’ll focus on writing — either as a business, or as a necessity.


  • You’re an entrepreneur. Writing is big part of your business as a freelancer or an author.
  • Maybe you’re writing as a side hustle and want to turn that into a business. Or you’re…
  • Looking for a side hustle. You’ve got a full-time job, but you want to make some money, and perhaps start a business. Maybe
  • You’re a beginner. You have dreams. You’d love to write a bestselling novel, or become a hot blogger and influencer.

Whatever kind of writing you do: welcome. It’s my sincere hope that I can help you to achieve your dreams. 

What would you like to see on the site? Get in touch. Let me know.