Common Content Marketing Pitfalls: 2 Horrors To Avoid Today

If you’re using content marketing in your business, you’re in good company. Search Engine Journal offers some eye-popping statistics. TL;DR version: almost three quarters of businesses are using content marketing. Why? Because it works. A good content strategy delivers the customers you want. Moreover, content’s benefits are cumulative. Or course, there are pitfalls. We looked at digital sharecropping; it’s a … Read more

Your Solopreneur Website: 5 Tips To Use It To Boost Your Business

You’re a solopreneur. As many creative folk do, you run your business on your own. Indeed, you may even have a couple of businesses—you’re a self-publishing author, let’s say, as well as a graphic designer. One of my friends has a copywriting business, as well as a bookkeeping sideline. When I conducted an informal email poll with my students, not … Read more

One-Page Websites: Fast & Easy Solutions For You And Your Clients

Have you discovered one-page websites? They’re an amazing tool to help you to sell more of your writing, simply. You can refer prospective clients to your new site within an hour. These itty bitty sites are innovative, minimalist, and fast to create. Why not use this easy marketing solution? One-page websites: the fast way to market your writing A one-page … Read more