Get Motivated: Your Way Is The Right Way

Do you doubt yourself? Can’t get motivated? Maybe you’re following someone else’s rules for creativity, and they’re not right for you. If you can’t get motivated to write, consider which rule you’re trying to follow Maybe it’s not your rule at all. Is it: “Best practice”; What “everyone” does; (A loud, nagging inner voice, which sounds a lot like your … Read more

Enjoy Writing: 3 Steps To Conquer Anxiety, Write More, And Enjoy It

Do you enjoy writing—or do you struggle, more often than you’d like? How often do you enjoy writing? Perhaps writing is a constant struggle. Many writers struggle, and I did too, for many years. I read everything I could on creativity and how to develop it. Maybe one day I could enjoy writing… I hoped. For many years, nothing worked, … Read more

Write Your Way: 3 Rules Of Successful Writing

How confident are you? You need the confidence to write your way; there are no rules as such. Only what works for you today. Why not think about how you write, and the “rules” (beliefs, strategies, processes) that matter to you? To get you started, here are my rules. Write your way: rules that work for me They’re simple: Write. … Read more

Achieve Your Goals: Avoid Panic With 3 Tips To Overcome Failure

Want to achieve your goals? Here’s the only way: be prepared to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not achieving. Although failure is uncomfortable, it can’t derail you if you expect to fail and decide that you’ll learn from all your failures. As essayist John Burroughs pointed out: “You can get discouraged many times, but you are not a failure … Read more