Language Skills For Clarity And Subtlety: Love The Semicolon

Here’s another post on language skills. This time, let’s look at semicolons. Basically, a semicolon connects two (or more) independent clauses in a sentence. Here’s a good roundup on how, when, and why to use semicolons from Grammar Girl. Using semicolons aids clarity. They help you to convey shades of meaning to your readers. Language skills: semicolons help you to … Read more

Language Skills For Writers: Beware The Dreaded Homophones

How are your language skills? Homophones can trap any writer. If you’re wondering: what are “homophones”? Basically, they’re words which sound alike, but have different meanings. Most writers have homophone bugbears: confusing, sound-alike words which trip you in your writing. Here’s a list of common homophones. Language skills: which homophones confuse you? Here’s one I confuse: bear and bare, when … Read more