Aspiring Freelance Writer? 3 Real-World Tips You Can Use Today

You want to become a freelance writer. Excellent! There’s never been a better time to be a writer. Print magazines and newspapers may be slumping or dead, but content rules. I receive many enquiries from aspiring writers about getting started in the world of freelancing. Unfortunately I also received sad messages from flailing freelance writers about the impossibility of getting … Read more

Freelance Writing: Build An Amazing Writing Business In 2021

Ready to boot (or reboot) your freelance writing career? (BTW, if you need guidance, check out our freelance coaching program, Freelance Power: If You Can Write, You Can Make Money. Avoid the pitfalls and build a thriving career, fast.) Your successful business depends on your mindset: a business mindset. Freelance writing: make it a business, rather than a hobby More … Read more

Freelance Writing Beginner? 2 Tips To Ensure Your Success

Want to succeed at freelance writing? Kudos to you. I sincerely envy you the journey you’re undertaking: I wish I were starting out today. Your opportunities today are truly unlimited. It’s a big wonderful world for today’s wordsmiths. Here’s my first and best tip: consider yourself a business owner, with all that that entails; also consider that there are two … Read more

Writing On Medium: Writer’s Block; Choose Your Income

A week ago I wrote about beginning a three-month experiment writing on Medium. I’ve written Medium posts on most days this past week. Check them out on my profile page. Several readers have asked about Medium’s paywall and how it works. Basically the paywall is there so Medium can pay writers. From the Help section: Readers on Medium who aren’t … Read more