Writing On Medium: Writer’s Block; Choose Your Income

A week ago I wrote about beginning a three-month experiment writing on Medium. I’ve written Medium posts on most days this past week. Check them out on my profile page. Several readers have asked about Medium’s paywall and how it works. Basically the paywall is there so Medium can pay writers. From the Help section: Readers on Medium who aren’t … Read more

Professional Writing: 3 Tips To Kickstart 2020

We’re continuing our theme of getting your business ready for success in 2020. A couple of readers asked about transitioning their professional writing activities from relying on the freelance marketplaces to attracting their own clients. I gave the readers some tips, but in a nutshell, I encouraged them to get visible, not only online, but also in their local community. … Read more

Build Your Blog: 6 Powerful Ways Grow A Successful Blog

If you’ve got a blog and wish that your blog could be more successful, it’s time to build your blog. Over the past few weeks, while I’ve been setting up this new version of the blog, I’ve received lots of questions. Many of the questions had a subtext of how long does it take? “It” could be anything — make … Read more

Blogging? Try These Easy Templates To Up Your Content Game

Blogging is getting real respect today. You can use a blog to promote your career or to sell your books. If you enjoy it, you can blog for grateful clients. As easy as it is to create a blog, building and maintaining it can be a challenge. You’ve guessed the biggest challenge, I’m sure. Blogging: the biggest challenge is… Over … Read more

Blogging Made Simple, 4 Easy Ways

I’ve received several reader questions about blogging. One reader said that he hadn’t posted to his blog in a year because blogging’s too difficult. Another reader, a self-publishing author, wants to create a blog to market his books, but “doesn’t know what to write.” Blogging made simple: create I love this Flannery O’Connor quote: “I write because I don’t know … Read more