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The support you need to grow your business in a challenging environment.

Over a long professional copywriting and marketing career, my clients have included global companies as well as small local businesses. Whether you need a marketing strategy, or a publishing strategy, please get in touch.

Who I am: I (Angela Booth) am a marketing copywriter, based in Adelaide, South Australia

After moving from Sydney, New South Wales, I’m currently based in Adelaide, in South Australia, the Festival State. (Also the food and wine paradise. )

A world away from traffic-choked Sydney, Adelaide is a walk on the beach. Literally. My home is minutes from a beach, but the beach is on the Gulf St Vincent, rather than the blue Pacific.

Although I’m an Australian copywriter, I work with clients all over the globe.

My primary specialties: copywriting, ghostwriting, content creation

Over a long professional marketing career, I’ve developed expertise in many different forms of writing for both print and the web. In 1998, I wrote one of the first books on using the internet for business, published by Allen & Unwin.

If you need a marketing copywriter or content strategist to help your business to grow, please get in touch.

Contact me for ghostwriting and book publishing services.

My services include:

  • Public relations: take advantage of free publicity;
  • Copywriting: online and offline advertising; marketing and sales collateral;
  • Ghostwriting: books (fiction and nonfiction); print/ web articles;
  • Content: content strategy; content production; business blogging;
  • Email marketing: autoresponder sequences; email marketing campaigns;
  • Website content: website design; content; development;
  • Social media strategy, content and management;
  • Book editing and publishing services;
  • Research, including business, competitor, and SEO keyword research;
  • For business: business plans and proposals; startup strategy and branding;
  • Executive bios and profiles.

Contact me for “emergency” (fast turnaround) materials, including digital and print content services, business plans, advertising, white papers, and scripts.

Brief me to manage your project, large or small, from initial project scope, to completion.

The successful completion of your next big project is just an email away

Contact me now.

All our interactions are confidential.

Topic areas, in B2B and B2C: health, diet and nutrition, self-help, tech, finance, business, real estate, rural industries, heavy industry, construction, and more.

Clients have included large companies like Coates Hire and Hewlett-Packard, as well as many smaller businesses. Please ask for samples; they’re provided on request.

My location: Adelaide, South Australia

I live in Adelaide, South Australia now, after spending most of my life living and working in Sydney. That said, I work with clients all over the world, primarily in the US, UK, and Europe.

By the way: are you an author? Check out my services for writers and authors on my Writing Classes website.

Published by…

I’ve been published by major publishers like Prentice Hall. In Australia, by Allen & Unwin.
My magazine-writing career spans several decades.

Angela Booth clients: publishing

My clients have included…

B2B and B2C companies from many fields, including:

  • Construction/ heavy industry;
  • Trades/ industrial supplies;
  • Real estate/ property investment;
  • Fashion and beauty/ health/ alternative health and weight loss;
  • Technology/ small business/ ecommerce;
  • Digital marketing/ SEO/ branding.

Contact me for a chat about a current or upcoming project today.

Angela Booth Clients

Make it happen: bring your creative projects to life

If you’re a business owner, startup developer, or entrepreneur, you know there aren’t enough hours in the day.

Your creative projects get put onto the backburner.

If you wish you had the time to:

• Write a book…

• Send a business proposal…

• Develop a podcast or YouTube channel…

• Contribute to a magazine or blog…

• Become an influencer on social media…

• Self-publish a course on your website…

Now’s the time to take action. Get expert help with your project.

Change your life and grow your business

Your creative projects can change your life as well as grow your business.

I’m a veteran business author and ghostwriter. I help entrepreneurs and business owners to bring their creative projects to life.

Perhaps I can help you. Let’s chat. Send me quick message to set up a time. (All our communications are confidential.)

I write ALL your copy, with a focus on results

Clients have asked me whether I sub-contract projects. The answer is no.

This is my promise to you: I write every word of your copy and content myself. (No unpaid interns here.)

My focus is on getting results for you.

Why not contact me for a chat? There’s no obligation; our communications are private.


Got a project that’s ready to go? Ask for a proposal

Ask for a proposal; there’s zero obligation and a proposal for your project will clarify your thinking.

Contact me for a chat and I’ll happily draft one for you.

Need examples?

Contact me to request samples from my portfolio.

Details on my services

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