Profitable Writing Tips: On Medium This Week

If you’re looking for writing tips, Medium is a great place to find them. Back in December, I wrote about a three-month experiment: writing on Medium.

December?! What was I thinking? Predictably, I got busy, then even busier, and my experiment sorta, kinda… died. I felt guilty because I like Medium. Moreover, I think the site has good potential for writers; it combines a great writing/blogging environment with social media.

But the “three-month” idea was dumb. I tend to over-commit. (Sigh.) So, instead of three months, I’ll make it a 12-month experiment, until December 2020.

Writing tips on Medium

Please learn from my fumble. Medium is big. Not only are there many writers on the site, there are also publications as well. The environment takes time to learn. I’m still very much the learner on Medium, and it’s a lot of fun.

I managed to get some posts up on Medium this week with lots of writing tips you may find useful.

Get great writing gigs in an hour

Win A Great Freelance Writing Job In An Hour (Even If You’re Struggling):

Everything takes longer when you’re starting out. So, if you’re a newbie who’s learning how to research and write, the process might take you four hours; you’ll get faster with practice.

EASY writing strategies which work for any writer

Write! Easy Writing Strategies You Can Use Today:

If you don’t have templates for your most common tasks, you’re wasting time and risking RSI. Create a template for common types of email messages, documents, spreadsheets, and videos.

I’m a recent convert to checklists because they eliminate the confusion and stress caused by staring at cryptic items on your task list.

Beat page-fright: eliminate your writing fears

How To Make Writing Fun And Kill Creative Anxiety Forever:

Stay right where you are. The panic will subside. It takes around 11 minutes — and yes, I timed it. Write a sentence or two. If you can’t think of anything to write, write that: I can’t think of anything to write…

Copy a paragraph you wrote yesterday or the words on the back of a cereal packet.

The freelance gigs hiding in plain sight

The Hidden Freelance Clients You’re (Probably) Ignoring:

Make a list of local businesses. “Local” for you may include your state or your country.

If you aren’t certain of what you’re looking for, go to your local library, or to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, or read your local newspaper (if you have one.)

Can you use Medium to help you to achieve your writing goals?

Many different kinds of writers use Medium. You’ll find freelance writers, self-publishing authors, web writers and more using the site.

You can use Medium much as you would a blog, by creating your own Medium publication. A major benefit of using Medium for blogging is the low (essentially, free) overhead. The challenge is that the site is owned by someone else; if Medium goes away, so does your blog.

For a new writer, the benefits outweigh the potential challenge.

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