Plot Fiction: Insider Tips For Hot-Selling Series

When I help new authors to plot fiction, I suggest that they consider writing a series, rather than a single novel. Series sell. Moreover, a series of novels can be infinitely easier to write than the same number of standalone novels. With a series, once you’ve decided on the series’ parameters and choose the series’ voice, you’re good to go. … Read more

Freelance Writing: 5 Ways To Meet And Beat Your Deadlines

Freelance writing is pretty much recession-proof, so take heart if you’ve lost gigs and clients because of the pandemic. You may need to boost your marketing and visibility, but clients are out there, waiting for you. Look on your losses as an opportunity to revamp and revitalize your business. Start by discovering the big secret to winning more gigs. Freelance … Read more

Write A Book: Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

You want to write a book, but not now: you’ll start later, when you have more time. Many beginning authors never get started, because writing a book seems too complicated. They tell themselves stories like: “I don’t have enough time…” “After I do all my research…” “No one will buy my book anyway, so what’s the point?” Want to write … Read more

Write Fiction: 3 Ways To Write From Your Life

I’ve received some questions from readers who want to write fiction. When they try however, they find that they’re writing from their life. Is fictionalizing your experiences allowed? Of course it is. Most first novels are semi-autobiographical. Think of it this way. When you write fiction, you’re tapping into your emotions. Memory’s tied to emotion, so your own “stuff” will … Read more