Get Paid To Write A Book: How To Get Ideas For Salable Books

Want to get paid to write a book? If you’re thinking “I can’t write fiction”, that’s OK. Over the past couple of years, fiction ghostwriting has taken off, BUT there are many opportunities and gigs for nonfiction authors too. Let’s begin at the beginning. With buyers. When authors consider nonfiction, they always wonder: who pays for nonfiction books? Get paid … Read more

Short Fiction: 3 Tips To Help You Create Characters Readers Adore

Want to write short fiction? Not only are short stories and novellas easy and fun to write, you can publish them quickly. Whenever readers or students approach me about building a mailing list of readers who enjoy their writing, my first suggestion is always to write something short. (BTW, you can use subscriber magnets to create mailing lists of freelance … Read more